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Buy Fireproof Safes at Best Price in India

The most disastrous incident for any business is a fire accident. Your company can lose countless materials of dire importance. To help minimize data losses from such a tragic incident, it is crucial to safeguard your property. Turtle Case fireproof data safes for media from Phoenix protect the media contents from various potential dangers, primarily fire, heat, and water. You can rest easy knowing your data will be “safe” with such digital fireproof safes.

Data Commander & DataCare Fireproof Safes are Digital media fire safes that are superintended to protect digitally stored information on tapes or hard drives from fire, water, dust, magnetic interference, humidity, and theft. These safes can withstand high temperatures of 1,850°F (1,010°C) for up to two (2) hours providing confidence to the data management professionals while storing high-value data.

Features of Fireproof safes:

  • Tested and certified by SP Research Technical Institute in Sweden to protect data against fire and heat for up to two (2) hours
  • Built with double door construction and internal water-resistant seals
  • Three (3) year material warranty
  • Lifetime replacement after exposure to fire

Certifications of Fireproof Safe:

Class 125

This certification is intended to test products that are designed to protect computer media from fires. The product must face 60 – 120 minutes furnace-burn time, at temperatures ranging from 1,700°F (926°C) to 1,859°F (1,015°C). Usually, a typical fire lasts for about 20 minutes and reaches around 800°F (427°C). In this test, the internal temperature of the product in the safe is monitored. The temperature should not rise above a threshold that would endanger the media stored within the product.

Explosion Tested

The safes are specially tested to withstand the explosion temperature blasts of up to 2,000°F (1,093°C).

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